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multigrain digestives


  • Author: Hasti Goradia Vaiibhav



100 gmWhole wheat flour

20gm Oats

15gm Wheat bran

10gm Ragi ( finger millet ) flour

10 gmJowar ( sorghum ) flour

25gm Honey

45gm Organic powdered jaggery

1/4tsp Vanilla extract

65gm Ghee

1/8tsp Salt

1/4tsp Baking powder

5tsp Milk


1. If the powdered jaggery is very lumpy then blend it into a fine powder and pass it through a sieve. It contains very hard lumps so be sure to use a heavy duty mixer.

2. In a bowl mix all the dry ingredientsinclusing the jaggery powder.

3. Add cold ghee into the dry mix and rub it together with the flour until the mixture resembles bread crumbs and all the flour is well coated with ghee. This step is important to create a short bite or in other words a crispy biscuit.

4. Then add the vanilla extract, honey and mix well.

5. Take a tsp of milk at a time and form a stiff dough. I have used about 2.5 tsp milk u may need more or a little less. But DO NOT make your dough very soft.

6. Flatten the dough onto a plastic wrap, cover and chill for 20 mins.

7. Roll out this chilled dough on a floured surface to 4-6 mm thickness.

8. With a 2 or 2.5 inch diameter cookie cutter, cut out the biscuits. Then with the help of toothpicks mark small holes on them. This is called docking. It will prevent large air bubbles from forming in the biscuit and make them rise evenly.

9. Transfer them onto a lined baking tray and chill them for another 15 -20 mins.

10. Preheat the oven at 140 C for 20 mins.

11. Once the oven has preheated bake the biscuits for 18 – 20 mins. after that remove them onto a wire rack and let them cool before enjoying them !!


I have used real vanilla extract here. If you use synthetic vanilla flavouring, you may need to reduce the quantity of it.

When these biscuits come out of the oven they are slightly soft. but they become crispier as they cool down.

Store in an air tight container only after they are completely cooled. They last for about a week.